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How to be eComBot™ Affiliate Club Member and Create a Link.

Step I : Register at our Affiliate Application Form

Click this Affiliate Application Form and fill in your information. Then our system will generate an "Affiliate ID" and "Password" for you.

Step II : Link eComBot logo on your site

Just link the eComBot logo below by using the following HTML tag on your web site. Don't forget to replace "your_affiliate_id" with the real one that generated for you.

eComBot™ Logo File Name above is "ecombotaffiliate.jpg"

You must link this logo with the following HTML tag and place it on your home page :

<a href=""> <img src="ecombotaffiliate.jpg" border="0" alt="In Affiliation of"></a>

Don't forget to replace "your_affiliate_id" with your Affiliate ID and upload "ecombotaffiliate.jpg" onto your web server.

Step III : Test click thru eComBot logo on your site

If you link it correctly, it should be clicked to And when you check your record on our database (by accessing thru "Affiliate Gateway") it would show you one click record or in case you test by buying some services on, it would show your earnings !!

Step IV : Pay your commission/earnings

You'll earn 5% of all sales through this link. We will pay your commision/earnings by cheque, A/C Payee Only, every quarter if your cumulative commision/earnigs is more than USD 250.-

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