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Get upto... USD 24.- * per one eComBot™ signup !!
... Just link our logo with your sites.

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It's easy to join our affiliate club... just register a application form ... get your "affiliate id"... and password... after that link your affiliate id and eComBot™ logo on your web site by a simple html tag... waiting for your customers click and buy eComBot™ services...which you will get upto USD 24.- (if your customer buy a big service pack of eComBot™). Don't wait and see if you have a Web Site. ... Join eComBot™ Affiliate Club now !!

How I khow who click start from my web site and buy eComBot ™ services ?

Our Affiliate System give you an affiliate id and a password to access your account in order to see your record which show every click from your web site. You will know how many click... how much they buy and how much you've earned.

How much I will earn when one of my visitor click thru and buy your services ?

You will get 5% commission of total amount which your visitor buy on For example, if he/she buy a 50 products package for 12 months which cost about USD 480.-, you will get around USD 24.-. All of your commission would be recorded on our database which you can see this record at a "Active Affiliates" or "Affiliate Gateway" page.

How can I get my commission/earnings?

If you have your commission more than USD 250.- , we will pay your commission every the end of quarter. This would be payable to the registered name by cheque A/C Payee Only.

It's so easy, right? ... So, let's go to be
eComBot™ Affliate Club Member !!

* If your customer buy a big package of eComBot™ services.

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