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S e c r e t   C o d e s   U n l o c k i n g

Please fill in your assigned "Secret Codes" in the boxes below. After you click the button "unlock" our e-commerce robot will ask you to make a registration. Then you can start to create your own e-Store.

Group I :  please unlock here.
Code I  :
Code II  :

Group II * :  please unlock here.
Code I  :
Code II  :
*   It's specified on "Secret Code Sheet", if not specify please unlock at Group I.

Remark :

If you do not have a set of "Secret Codes", please use an "Online Sign-up Form" or buy an eComBot™ kit at SE-ED Book Centers or general book stores.


Service time starts from the date you register till the end of the specified duration shown in the eComBot™ kit package, seminar privilege notification or other promotional activities. At time of membership renewal you will be automatically charged at the standard price of the package you are currently using on a monthly basis :
         I. 40 products e-Store package costs Baht 490.-/month
         II. 80 products e-Store package costs Baht 750.-/month
         III. 120 products e-Store package costs Baht 1,000.-/month
         IV. 200 products e-Store package costs Baht 1,500.-/month
         V. 320 products e-Store package costs Baht 2,000.-/month
         VI. 450 products e-Store package costs Baht 2,500.-/month
In case you do not want to continue your e-store, please e-mail us one month in advance before it expires. Otherwise, our e-commerce robot will automatically charge your credit card or close/lock your e-Store.


Secret codes above are one-time codes and can be used only once to set up an e-Store. Therefore, after the codes are unocked, please do not click 'Back' button on your browser because your e-Store will be completely eliminated and cannot be recreated. Don't worry if you filled in data and information incorrectly, you correct it later using "edit your e-Store".


At present, the unlocking system above supports only English language. So please fill in your information in English only, otherwise you may find an error. In case you need to have e-Store in Thai language, please finish your unlocking process (click until you find "edit store" page) and then e-mail us at for moving it to the other system.

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