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Welcome to... our "Instant E-Commerce Services". This is a tool to help you open your own e-Store within 1-30 minutes from now!! Please complete every box in the form below. Otherwise our e-commerce robot will reject your order.

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Remark :
1.   eComBot™ has six standard packages as follows:
          I.   40 products e-Store package costs Baht 490.-/month (incl. VAT)
          II.   80 products e-Store package costs Baht 750.-/month (incl. VAT)
          III.   120 products e-Store package costs Baht 1,000.-/month (incl. VAT)
          IV.   200 products e-Store package costs Baht 1,500.-/month (incl. VAT)
          V.   320 products e-Store package costs Baht 2,000.-/month (incl. VAT)
          VI.   450 products e-Store package costs Baht 2,500.-/month (incl. VAT)

Service time starts from the date you register till the end of the specified duration which you select in "No. of Service Month(s)" box. Before your e-store expiration, our system will e-mail and ask you to renew your account at "Membership Renewal Service". Otherwise, our e-commerce robot will automatically close your e-Store.


If your products exeed the standard packages, you can add products with an increment of 15 products at Baht 150.-/month (incl. VAT) or USD 4.-/month (excl. VAT) by using "More Products Adding Form"


After registering, you have two choices of payment system, credit card or transfer payment, for choosing. Select one which your convenience.


The above "URL" box is only for whom that has a web site which it can be linked with the E-Commerce System of eComBot™.


The eComBot™ fee above is not included the service fee of the online credit card payment service which you have two choices to use it. The first one is using the real-time payment system of eComBot™ which you must pay the yearly member fee, 1,000 baht/year, or the second one is using your own authorized credit card payment system which you must pay the set-up fee, 4,000 baht (one time charge). You don't need to pay this fee right now because it would be charged after you finish your e-Store and/or before linking with www.shoppingthai.com.

7.   Please read the agreement of using eComBot ™ services.

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