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"Economical e-Commerce of eComBot" for helping you to fast build your own economical e-Commerce store (e-store) with the special price of 2,000 bahts/year. Just fill in the e-form below and pay us, after that we will send the secret codes for you to activate your e-store anytime you like, then the system will automatically start to count your account expiration afterward.

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 No. of Months to Rent: 1 year for 40 products (Baht 2,000.-)
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Remark :
1.   Please transfer your payment to our savings account as follows Account Name: "Max Savings (Thailand) Co., Ltd." Account No.: 223-0-36842-1 of Bangkok Bank, Senanikhom branch or pay us by your credit card at http://www.maxcyber.com/maxsavings
2.   The above price is our promotion price which is valid till 31st of May 2009. The one-year rental period will be started on the date that you have decoded our secret codes and built your e-store. After your e-store expiration, you have to renew it at least one year under the same special rental rate. This promotion also covers for all existing eComBot members which register for renewing their accounts in advance before 31st of May 2009 and covers for the next renewal under this special rate as well.
3.   Please read the agreement of using eComBot ™ services.

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