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What's New ?

Now, large product picture upload is available for helping you to show more details of your products ...
For example, your small ring picture can be magnified and shown it on a large picture which you can upload it together with its normal product picture at the Add/Edit Product section.

Now, you can connect your payment system to
PayPal or PaySbuy!
Just click and register your e-payment account of PayPal or PaySbuy through our "Credit Card Registry" system with free of charge.

Gives you one more promotion function...
this time is the "Discount Rates Configuration"
which facilitates your customers to automatically get a discount when they have bought your pre-specified purchased volume. This configuration allows you to set up unlimited total purchased volumes and discount rates and helps you to automatically calculate a total discount and net amount of payment after your customers have checked out. This function also has the "Discount Warning System" which can convince your customers to buy more for getting the next discount rate. You can try or use this function at "Discount Rates Config." menu of your "Control Panel".

Big change of transportation cost calculation !!
Now, you can set up yourown table of transportation cost and say bye... bye... to the rigid standard transportation cost system. Also, you can select the way to weight your product, use actual weight and/or volume weight, for calculating.

Upgraded again for whom that has a lot of product categories, now you can add your categories upto 20 categories.
This will increase your selling opportunity because your customers will have a lot of choices and easily to select and buy.

New Function Added!! ...
for displaying your hi-light products on the first page.
It's so easy to use it, just click the checkbox of the "Suggest" box of the "Add/edit Product" menu while the old system, you have to edit/change the "Product No." to no. 1-9 when you want to display them on the first page. But the new system, you just click and click only. However, the hi-llight products are still limited for only 9 products and they are arranged by order of product no..

eComBot's shopping cart system upgraded ...
in order to solve a technical problem which happens with some browsers that do not accept cookies. However, this change will affect some web sites that linked a product or shopping cart with a path of product's URL. Because this URL will be changed and this change will depend on your selecting style of storefront as well. So, when you've changed its style, don't forget to correct its shopping cart linking with a new product's URL.

SME Saving Package
Online sign-up now...till August 31, 2003
and get your new saving choices...
6+1 (Free !) months at only 1,000 Baht/40 products
(normal price 2,940 Baht)
12+1 Free !) months at only 2,000 Baht/40 products
(normal price 5,880 Baht)
+ Free ! The real-time payment system setup (1,000 Baht) in the first year.

On May 19, 2003 onward, don't forget to register your e-Store

with the e-Commerce Division, Business Development Department of Ministry of Commerce at URL : http://www.thairegistration.com/thai/e-commerce/regis_ecom.phtml and also register with the Committee of Consumer Protection at URL : http://www.thaiconsumer.net/register_online/index.html in order to build up your customer confidence.


Good news for whom that want to have a "Travel Portal Site" !!

Now, you can get one at the new web site of eComBot : www.ecombottravel.com with free of charge. There are two travel services available at this moment : Accommodation and Tour Services which you can choose only one or both of them and create your B2C (Business-to-Consumer) travel web site or B2B (Business-to-Business) travel portal site. Let's create one you like.


eComBot™ has added more valued services... !!

This time... is the "TRANSLATOR" system for every
e-Store... This's for increasing your selling opportunities. The translator, powered by Altavista.com and Systran, can translate upto 19 languages.

See demonstration here.
New style of e-Store ... !!

Now, we have launched a new style of e-Store (style 8) to serve the jewellry, gems, silver or ornament products. And we have planed to add other styles which are suitable for many types of your products...

See a new style demonstration.
Now, available...
"Educational e-Commerce Kit" !!

... Is the low-price eComBot™ package for academic institute/business school/IT department to use as an educational material for their
e-Commerce workshop. One pack consists of 20 products online catalog, shopping cart, e-payment, order tracker, web promotion system and a lot more.

See more details and order here.
New, version...
"e-Mall Package" !!
... for whom that want to have their own
e-Mall/cybermall/online shopping mall. The basic package has 5,000 products/100 e-Stores, starts at USD 550.-/month. Please see more details at www.ecombotb2b.com

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